Master in full-stack development

Django | RestAPI | AWS-EC2

Course Overview

Course Name Object oriented python and Django web framework
Pre-requisites Python programming essentials
Course Duration 1 month
Course Fees None for members
Online Batch Timings Starting in late January

Course Outline

Section 1: Object-oriented python programming

Chapter 1: Classes and Objects
Chapter 2: Inheritance, Overriding and Overloading

Section 2: Django web application framework

Chapter 4: Getting started with Django
Chapter 5: Django - Urls and Views
Chapter 6: Django - Models and Model Fields
Chapter 7: Django - Admin and ModelAdmin
Chapter 8: Django - Templates and Static
Chapter 9: Django - Forms and ModelForm
Chapter 10 : Django - Queryset

Section 3: Adding more to django web app

Chapter 11: Social media like, share, comment
Chapter 12: RestAPI - GET, POST, PUT and DELETE
Chapter 13: Deploying django project on AWS EC2 instance

Project work

1. Blogging Application
2. To be decided by the students

Learners delight : Detailed class notes and course project source code will be made available on our website.

How to enroll

Call/SMS/Whatsapp +91 8073328732 for help.


Rules to follow

1. Attend all possible classes. Write to, if you are likely to miss any class.
2. Be sincere with practice exercises, respect study materials and say no to piracy.
3. Remember you can't buy knowledge or placement, so try to earn it.