Python 3.7 Installation

Good job! You have opted python 3.7. If you are a mac OS or linux user the good news is, it ships with python pre-installed. You may however, set alias of python3 to python. On Ubuntu linux 18 simply run in terminal:

$ alias python='/usr/bin/python3'

Install Python: Windows

First, download the latest python version (3.7) from Python Software Foundation website at

Installation 1

Then, run the installer and follow step-by-step installation guide.

Installation 2

Don't forget to check Add to Path button.

Installation 3

You are almost done now.

Installation 4

Verify, if environment path is set to the version 3.7 of python.

Installation 5

pip will help you with future python packages installation. So, update it and recheck it's binding to python 3.7

Python IDE's or Editors

Its totally your preference to use an IDE/Editor for python programming. I personally like,
a) Jupyter notebook
b) Sublime Text
d) PyCharm
e) Atom

Installing Jupyter Notebook with Python 3.7

If you have update pip version, simply run:
pip install jupyter
Once jupyter is installed, launch it by running:
jupyter notebook
You are completely armed now. Let's go to python training.