A project-driven programming

with live classroom & online trainings

What is Programink

We provide programming language trainings and their applied learning through project work.

Programink Fundamental Courses

Python essentials

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R programming

Starting Apr 2019

Core Java

Starting Apr 2019

Programink Premium Courses

Full-stack development

∇ Django/Flask
∇ Rest API
∇ Angular

Python & Data science

∇ Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Scikit-learn
∇ Machine learning algorithms
∇ matplotlib, seaborn

Python Automation

∇ Python-Selenium
∇ Python-Linux, Paramiko, Netmiko
∇ Jenkins & Docker

How Programink Works

Learn as much as you want with our self learning courses.
Basic Premium
Fundamental courses check check
Premium courses - check
Study materials check check
Practice examples check check
Project discount - 20%
Certificate check check
Placement - check
March onward