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DevOps training in Bangalore

Programink offers the best DevOps training in Bangalore with the most experienced devops professionals. Our trainers are working in DevOps and related domain for top MNC's. We keep a close eye on emerging industry needs and we are offering DevOps Training in Bangalore with updated case studies. We have designed our syllabus to match the changing requirements for both product and serive industry.

One can avail our devops training in Bangalore as either weekday or weekends program depending on his/her availability. Via live-projects you can be assured of gaining practical knowledge of scripting, coding, and other essential tasks. Schedule a demo class for learing devops with Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible and other tools used in continuous integration and continuous deployment.

what you'll learn?

  • DevOps - EC2
  • DevOps - Route53
  • DevOps - SES
  • DevOps - S3
  • DevOps - LoadBalancer
  • DevOps - lambda

Key Topics

  • Docker in Action
  • Docker is an open source container platform. It is used to create, test and deploy applications. We can package an application with related dependencies such as libraries and configurations with docker containers. This enables the application to reliably run on any computing environment. Our hands-on docker training sessions will provide a deeep understanding Docker containers.

  • Infra as Code with Chef
  • Chef is a very powerful automation platform with which one can transform infrastructures to code. Chef can seamlessly automate how infrastructure is configured, deployed and managed across your network irrespective of you operating in the on-premises, in-cloud or in a hybrid environment.

  • CI/CD Pipeline Using Jenkins
  • Jenkins is an open source automation server. It helps in automating activities like build, test, package, deployment. It is a key part of devops toolkit because it enables teams to build CI/CD pipelines.

  • Hands-on Git
  • Git is a distributed version control system. It is very popular and widely used for tracking changes in source code during software development. Programmers can coordinate as well as track changes in any set of files. Git aims at data integrity and support for distributed workflows.

  • Decoding Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes is open source container orchestration tool. One can discard all the manual processes required in deploying and scaling of the containers with Kubernetes. Kubernetes is very useful environment where microservices architecture is predominant.

  • Hands-on Ansible
  • Ansible is a configuration management tool. It is an open source and can help in improving the reliability, consistency and quality of IT infrastructure. Ansible can also help in provisioning infrastructures depending on requirements.


DevOps is a combination of practices and tools that an organization follows to deliver applications and services at high velocity. Devops helps an organization evolve and improve products at a faster pace.

Anyone with basic understanding of computer can take up DevOps course as their first programming language. It is beginners friendly due to its simple and readable syntax.

Yes. We want everyone to make an informed choice. We are offering upto 2 weeks in free demo.

Yes. There will be two levels of certification, one for course completion and another for project work.

DevOps3, Jupyter notebook, Tkinter, Paramiko, Sqlite3, MongoDB are just few popular mentions. There are numerous popular libraries of DevOps also included.

Industry projects with key focus on concepts like object-oriented programming, multi-threading, regular expressions, logging, XML parsing etc.


Ram Kumar

Top rated corporate trainer on this subject with 8+ years of experience.
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course details

Ram Kumar
10 weeks
Batch size
6 students
Start Date
1st of every month



One stop solution for data science training and placement.


Helped in reshaping my career as full-stack web developer.


Loved the one of a kind project driven training approach.


Heartily thankful for the best training course on 'DevOps for beginners'.


Simply the best data science training institute in Bangalore for its real-time projects and placement.

Why Programink is the best for DevOps training institute in Bangalore?

DevOps training in Bangalore can be offered with python if you are learning from scratch else you can directly go for devops training and devops job in Bangalore. Register for a 15 days free trail program at the start of the devops training in Bangalore and get ready for the best in class devops jobs in Bangalore.

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