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AWS training in Bangalore

AWS architects are the talk of the town in Bangalore these days. There has been a recent surge in searches for aws training in Bangalore. Everyone is looking for AWS certification and AWS jobs in Bangalore. This has made finding the best training institute in Bangalore for AWS much difficult. We, at programink, Bangalore provide an end-to-end solution for aws training. You are opt for the services that you want to learn. Our AWS training is destined to get you AWS certified and make you AWS solution architect in Bangalore.

What is aws?

Amazon web services also knwon as AWS is a cloud platform from Amazon. AWS is not a programming language or a tool. It is a collection of web service. You can avail various series related to web like computing, storage, emailing, certificates etc. It has everything to build and from your web based identity.

AWS training syllabus

Find the key topics in aws training in Bangalore

1. Introduction to Cloud and AWS Concept
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Characteristics & Models
  • The Six Benefits of Cloud Computing on AWS
  • The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
  • AWS Global Infrastructure
  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model
  • AWS Region & Availability Zone
2. AWS Big Picture – 10000 feet overview
  • An overview of AWS
  • EC2- An overview
  • EBS- An Overview
  • Security Group-An Overview
  • Elastic IP- An overview
  • Cloud Front-An Overview
  • S3- An overview
  • Glacier- An overview
  • IAM – An Overview
  • RDS- AN overview
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
AWS Storage
AWS Database
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
Route 53 services
Elastic Beanstalk
Amazon CloudFront
AWS Key Management Service
AWS Directory Service
AWS Lambda Function
AWS Kinesis
AWS ElastiCache
AWS OpsWorks
AWS Shield

Tools included

AWS - S3

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What is the objective of the AWS certification training?

AWS training in Bangalore can lead to some key positions in Cloud computing, Amazon EC2, ELB (Elastic Load Balancing), RDS etc. Our AWS training course in Bangalore is effectively designed to suit beginners. Learners of all categories will surely gain exhaustive familiarity on most of the AWS services.

What are the prerequisites for best aws tarining in Bangalore?

Taking a training course on aws in Bangalore does not require any programming skills yet it is an added benefit. Participants shoud be familiar to web services and server architecture.

Why Programink is the best for AWS training institute in Bangalore

There are numerous institutes that claim to offer AWS training in Bangalore but the the right one for certified learning and guaranteed aws jobs is Programink. The reason is simple. Our trainers are industry experts and certified AWS architects. They also have extensive knownledge of software architecture and web frameworks. The AWS training course itself is very practical and in-depth. Our alumni network of AWS solution architects and leading IT companies will also ensure you for AWS jobs in Bangalore. We are also offering a free 15 days try and buy option, so that you make an informed choice of learning with the best aws training institute in Bangalore.