Kindly go through and abide by all our terms of service

1. KYC

A KYC process involving contact information, address and identity verification is compulsory for all the students within 15 days of commencement of course. This may involve verifying phone and email with OTP, address proof with a postcard or visit. Self-attested PAN card and Aadhar card copy is also required be collected for the same. Additionally, an identity and address proof of student’s parent or guardian is required in case the student is not earning or non-tax payer.

2. Educational Qualifications and Work Experience

All students must provide correct declarations for their career background, educational qualifications and work experience. Photocopy or scanned copy of all educational documents, certificates and achievements must be provided to verify the same. Students with any kind of work experience or internship experience must provide necessary documents establishing nature of employment, employer details, salary and duration of work.

3. Fee Structure

Particular Amount
Registration Fee 15,000
Tuition Fee 75,000
Placement Fee 30,000
Sub-Total 1,20,000
CGST @9% 10,800
SGST @9% 10,800
Total 1,41,600

[Note: Placement fee and GST is not applicable to any student registering in April-May 2021 and the total fee is INR 90,000]

  • Registration amount must be paid in full before the commencement of course. Registration amount is not refundable under any circumstance.
  • The tuition cum placement fee can be paid in part or full anytime during the course. A student may also opt for EMI payment after course completion or after getting a job offer as agreed during registration. All EMI’s must be paid with the 5th day of the month else a late fee of INR 50 per day will be applicable.

4. Duration

Training duration for this course is 100 days from the date of course commencement. Classes will be conducted up to 4 times a week and up to 3 hours in a day. Assignments, evaluation test, project discussion etc. may in conducted in the same 4 training days or outside it at the sole discretion of the institution.

Training duration may be extended by 15 working days in case of festive holidays or medical leave. The duration can be extended further as per the Government guidelines such as lockdown.

Training duration can also be extended for those students who have poor assessment scores, poor scores in mock-interviews or pending project work till the time pendency is clear.

Placement duration is of 60 days after the successful completion of training duration. The placement duration can be extended with the mutual agreement of the student and the institution.

5. Security Deposit

An amount of 50,000 in the form of post-dated cheque will be collected from the student or his/her guardian in case the student is not an earning member or tax payer. We may request the cheque to be of full 50,000 or other smaller denominations adding up to 50,000 during the time of registration.

6. Refund and Cancellations

  • No refund will be granted for the registration fee.
  • Discount or refund of up to 50% of tuition fee will be given if an eligible student does not get any job offer after the successful completion of training duration and placement duration.
  • Discount of refund of up to 100% of placement fee will be given if an eligible student does not get any job offer after the successful completion of training duration and placement duration. The student must also have attended all the placement opportunity given to him/her and must not have been disqualified from a job offer.
  • Payment liability of a student who wish to end the service before the successful completion of training duration and placement duration. The same is also applicable if a student is terminated from the code due to poor conduct or poor assessment score.
Duration Payable amount
Up to 7 days since course commencement Nil
8-30 days since course commencement 30% of tuition and placement fee
31-60 days since course commencement 60% of tuition and placement fee
61 days or above 100% of tuition and placement fee
  • No refund will be given if a student has submitted any falsified document of education or work experience. Such students will also be liable to tuition and placement fee in full.
  • No refund will be given if a student has not accepted a job offer or not attended the placement opportunity. Such students will also be liable to tuition and placement fee in full.

7. Placements terms

We will offer various placement opportunities to all eligible students but it is also the duty of all students to attend all placement opportunities sincerely. We will not be able to ensure job location or work timings for any placement. A student must accept a job offer anywhere in India unless otherwise agreed during registration. The work timings and mode of work such as work from home or office as specified by the employer must be obey by all the students.

If a student joins a job which initially offers less payment than the minimum promised CTC, we will hold the EMI payment until the student’s salary reaches the minimum promised CTC. The student in such cases is advised to accept the job offer.

8. Code of Conduct

All students are required to maintain a decoration in the class. Any study material given to them is for their use only and they are not allowed to redistribute it to anyone else under any circumstances. A student must not involve in any unlawful activity within the organization or outside. Violation of code of conduct may result in termination of student from all services. A student terminated for violation of code of conducted will still be liable to pay the tuition fee and placement fee in full.