Django Tutorial

This Python Django Tutorial is designed for everyone who wants to develop Django web-applications like eCommerce, ERP solutions or simply give a web interface to their software logic.

Django Version 2.2 Live Projects

Django Tutorial Part 1

Getting started with Django framework by understanding web technology, MVC software design, Django download, install and launch. This part also covers creation of a fully functional skeleton app, project architecture and running the development server.

Django Tutorial Part 2

this is the most important section of Django Tutorial where we learn Django apps layer by layer including Django Models, Django Admin, Django Urls, Django Views, Django Forms, Django Templates and Django Static files .

Django Tutorial Part 3

This section of Django Tutorial covers Django Securities and Testing features like Authentication, Session, Cookies, Pagination, Mails, Logging and Exceptions.

Django Tutorial Part 4

This section of Django Tutorial is about making your project live for everyone. Amazon Web Serices (AWS) EC2 instance is set up to deploy and run Django tutorial site.

Django Tutorial Part 5

Do the GET, POST, PUT and DELETE Restful API request and get JSON response. This section of Django Tutorial is about creating an endpoint using Django Rest Framework.

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