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Trainer Ram Kumar Poddar
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Python Django Training In Bangalore

Programink Django training in Bangalore or Online can unlock the doors to full-stack python django developer jobs. At Programink Bangalore, we provide an end-to-end solution for django training. You can start by learning object oriented concepts in python. If you are confident about python programming then you can directly start with django training, followed by Rest framework, database connections, front-end frameworks and deployment of django project in cloud like Amazon EC2, Azure or Digital Ocean.

Django Course Highlights

  • 40 hours of instructor-led training
  • 20 hours of project work
  • 4 hours of assessments
  • 1 year of learning support
  • Certificate
  • Job assistance

100% money-back guarantee: Our Django training course in Bangalore comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Any student can cancel registration with-in the first week of course commencement and get a full refund of the tuition fee.
Additional Benefits: The need for certified Django professionals is increasing every year. There is a positive growth in the job opportunities for professionals trained in AWS.

Django Course Curriculum

We have the most detailed course curriculum for Django training with complete coverage of all important topics and live industry projects.
Eligibility: The Django training in Bangalore is ideal for both beginners and working professionals. Anyone who wants to build web-application and learn a web framework can opt for this Django training in Bangalore.
Pre-requisites: There are no strict pre-requisites for this Django training course. Simply a basic understanding of Python language, object-oriented programming and databases is recommended.

  • 1. What is Django
  • 2. HTTP request and response
  • 3. Django Model View Template architecture
  • 4. Django installation
  • 5. Virtual environment setup
  • 6. Starting your First Django Project

  • 1. Django project environment
  • 2. Understanding
  • 3. Start a new Django app
  • 4. Django app components
  • 5. Adding the app to your project
  • 6. Creating Django Skeleton App

  • 1. Understating the Database tier of web-application
  • 2. Defining Django Models
  • 3. Understanding Model Fields & Options
  • 4. Importance of str () method
  • 5. Creating a Django Model
  • 6. Django makemigrations and migrate
  • 7. Django model relationships
  • 8. Changing the Database Engine

  • 1. Enabling the Admin Interface
  • 2. Creating Admin Super User
  • 3. Creating other Users and Groups
  • 4. Add, Change, View, Delete permissions
  • 5. Register Model with Admin
  • 6. ModelAdmin and Admin Options

  • 1. Django project
  • 2. Django app
  • 3. Django urlpatterns and path
  • 4. Django TemplateView
  • 5. Django URL patterns

  • 1. Generic Views
  • 2. Using Django HttpResponse object
  • 3. Understanding render() object
  • 4. Using redirect()
  • 5. Other Generic Views
  • 6. Class based views

  • 1. Understanding Django ORM
  • 2. Django Queryset API
  • 3. Methods that return new QuerySets
  • 4. all(), filter(), order_by(), distinct(), values(), values_list()
  • 5. Methods that do not return new QuerySets
  • 6. get(), count(), create(), update(), delete()
  • 7. Two or more QuerySets
  • 8. union(), intersection(), difference(), AND(&), OR(|), Q objects
  • 9. Field lookups
  • 10. exact, iexact, contains, in, gt, gte, lt, lte, startswith, endswith, range

  • 1. Understanding Django Forms
  • 2. ModelForm Class
  • 3. Form validation
  • 4. HTML forms
  • 5. Select field and dependent dropdown fields in django forms
  • 6. File field & Image fields in forms
  • 7. Date, Time and Duration Field in Django forms

  • 1. Django Users and Groups
  • 2. Django Authorizations: add, change, view, delete
  • 3. Django Authentication, login and logout
  • 4. Create a Django User Registration app

  • 1. Understating Django App
  • 2. Template tags and filters
  • 3. Template inheritance
  • 4. Static files reference: images, css and javascript

  • 1. Using Python UnitTest library
  • 2. Writing Django Tests
  • 3. Debugging
  • 4. Django Exceptions

  • 1. Caching
  • 2. Cookies
  • 3. Django Emails
  • 4. Pagination
  • 5. Reusable Apps
  • 6. Session
  • 7. Sitemaps

  • 1. Introduction to Rest API
  • 2. Working with JSON files
  • 3. Serialization
  • 4. API request methods
  • 5. Routers
  • 6. Class based views
  • 7. API Permissions
  • 8. Understating response objects and headers
  • 9. Using CURL
  • 10. Using Postman
  • 11. Creating API endpoints in Django web application

  • 1. Using Git and GitHub
  • 2. Setting up EC2 instance
  • 3. Security Groups
  • 4. Push code from git to AWS EC2 instance
  • 5. Verify and test the live project

Django Course Projects

Project 1: Weather application in Django with APIs.

Make a weather application with Python Django and Rest API. Exercise API requests and responses via requests module.

Project 2: Rich Blog application

This one is an advanced version of the blog application with rich text editors, social plugins and detailed admin dashboard.

Project 3: E-commerce CRM & Inventory Management

Make a customer and order management web application in Django. You will get to implement all the CRUD operations from command-line shell, admin dashboard and front-end HTML forms.

Frequently asked questions for Django training course in Bangalore

Django is not a programming language or a tool. It is a collection of python libraries for website or web-application development. We write all the code for back-end models, front-end templates and view controller here in object oriented python. Django allows you to use any database engine with any front-end framework and also allow you to program them with Python. It also manages database migrations and offers you an Admin panel with user access controls. Instagram, Quora and many other websites are built using django. Django framework can prove to be faster, scalable and secure option to build your web-applications.

Taking a training course for django training in Bangalore will require you to have few skills from before. You must be good with object oriented programming. You should know the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We will also advice you to be familiar with a front-end framework like Bootstrap before opting for django training in Bangalore. Mastering HTML, CSS and Bootstrap is very easy with our self learning study materials. You can also practice building front-end pages on our development server.
For freshers, django developer jobs in Bangalore are in abundance. To grab on to one such opportunity you must have the exposure on django project development and deployment. Your git profile, internship certificates and live projects will always complement your python django training program in Bangalore. A recruiter would like see your journey as developer. You should showcase your project works at college and with different employers. A mention of hobby project or freelance project may also add points to your profile.

Anyone with basic understanding of computer can take up Django course as their first programming language. It is beginners friendly due to its simple and readable syntax. Students from programming, networking as well as testing background are also taking the Django training with job placement in Bangalore.

Yes. We want everyone to make an informed choice. Class recording and live classes both options are available before joining the Django training course.

Yes. There will be a certificate offered to all the students who successfully complete the Django training course. We provide course completion certificate on web design & development. Apart from this one more certificate called “Programink Python Django Developer" will also be awarded, if you score more than 60% in the exam our exam.

Our Django training course covers object-oriented Python with complete understanding of MVC framework. Django models, django admin, django urls, django views, django forms, django sessions, django signals, class based views, django templates and static files, django rest framework and django deployment to AWS EC2.

A course in Python Django from Programink can assist freshers and experts with learning the nuts and bolts and high level parts of Python and Django. Python and Django are moving as 'must-have' abilities in the IT area, particularly for people who need to make some meaningful difference in AI as well as Man-made brainpower. The interest for geeks capable in Python and Django in India as well as abroad is expanding at a dramatic rate. Moreover, Python is one of the most simple to-pick up programming dialects. On top of this, when one has solid essential information on Python, one can gain proficiency with the fundamentals and high level parts of Django right away. Capability in Python can help a singular branch out to other sub-areas of the IT business like PC illustrations or web improvement. Then again, capability in Django can help the student have a heavenly vocation as a Django designer. They can undoubtedly get some work at a tech firm or they can function as a free Django designer. Our course educational plan covers the nuts and bolts and high level parts of Python and Django. Moreover, students will approach live undertakings, contextual analyses, and great e-learning material.

Python with Django is a strong mix that has been overwhelming the web improvement world. Django is a significant level Python web system that is quick, secure, and versatile, pursuing it a famous decision for building web applications. Python, then again, is a flexible and simple to-pick up programming language that is broadly utilized in information science, AI, and different fields. For working professionals with at least three years of work experience we also have the pay after placement option.

Figure out how to fabricate web applications: With Python with Django, you'll figure out how to assemble web applications without any preparation utilizing Django's strong and adaptable structure. You'll figure out how to make site pages, handle client input, and oversee information, in addition to other things.
Acquire popular abilities: Python with Django is a famous blend in the web improvement world, and bosses are consistently watching out for engineers with these abilities. By learning Python with Django, you'll acquire abilities that are popular and can assist you with finding a rewarding position in the tech business.
Construct adaptable web applications: Django's versatility is one of its key highlights, settling on it an optimal decision for building enormous and complex web applications. With Python with Django, you'll figure out how to plan and fabricate applications that can deal with elevated degrees of traffic and scale as your business develops.
Access a huge local area: Both Python and Django have enormous and dynamic networks of engineers who are continually attempting to work on the structures and offer their insight. By learning Python with Django, you'll join a local area of designers who are energetic about web improvement and are continuously able to help.
Concerning open positions, Python with Django experts are popular in 2023 and then some. Organizations of all sizes and enterprises are searching for designers who can construct hearty and adaptable web applications utilizing Django and Python. By taking a Python with Django confirmation instructional class, you'll be situating yourself for an effective and satisfying profession in web improvement.

With regards to building web applications in Python, two famous decisions stick out: Carafe and Django. Each has its assets and shortcomings, making them reasonable for various kinds of ventures and engineer inclinations.
Django is a high level and feature rich full-stack framework that follows the "batteries-included" reasoning. It gives many implicit parts, like an ORM (Article Social Planning), an administrator point of interaction, validation and a broad biological system of reusable applications. Django is a superb decision for building complex, information driven web applications like web based business destinations, content administration frameworks, and online entertainment stages.

Django Trainer

Certified Django Trainer

Ram Kumar Poddar

Carrying an experience of over 10 years, I pride myself for experiential learning approach. A training path that consists of visual learning, hands-on learning, project work, periodic assessments and mentorship. Apart from the technical expertise and I am friendly and approachable.

My recent corporate clients

Please find a list of some top corporate clients I have trainer on this technology.

  • Deloitte
  • Walmart
  • Oracle
  • Cisco
  • Brillio
  • PayU
  • Capgemini
  • Cognizant
  • Innovaccer
  • Sony
  • Siemens
  • ANZ
  • WSP
  • Society General
  • Optum
  • Carrier
  • Harman
  • Ellucian
  • Bank of America
  • Pepsico
  • Konsberg
  • Infrrd
  • Tata Technologies
  • Collins Aerospace
  • Morgan Stanley

Django Course Ratings & Reviews


I really appreciate the effort taken by Programink team for a certificate and job oriented training. The course also covered mock tests and a detailed exam guide. The trainers were very supportive and conducted a revision session before the certification exam.


Well structured course. The course gives a great understanding about how we will be working in real time. This was the best course for a beginner like me.


Career oriented training by very skilled and professional trainers. I could reach them again and again for my doubts. The study materials given were also the best.


The best thing about Programink is the clear road map for certification and placement. The faculties are very experienced and the extra effort they take to assess every student is quite commendable.


The course is very useful to me. Programink has delivered all the promises they made to me as a beginner, during the admission. Ram sir is the best trainer I have learnt from. You can also use this opportunity to learn.

₹ 45,000

₹ 36,000

  • Duration 12 Weeks
  • Lessons 40
  • Projects 3
  • Assessments 2
  • Language English
  • Instructor Ram
  • Certificate Yes
  • Placement Assistance Yes
  • Book seat in Upcoming Batch

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