Python Course Instructor
Trainer Ram Kumar Poddar
Mode Classroom

Python Course Description

The IT growth in Bangalore has led to a lot of searches for python training institute in Bangalore. We, at Programink Bangalore, offer both weekdays and weekend classes on python programming. Our python training classes are available in both classroom and online formats. We can teach python for beginners and working professionals alike.
Let us tell you how we can offer you the best python training in Bangalore. A student may want to join python training in Bangalore thinking it is the simplest, and he/she can understand it without a programming background. We teach python to all those students from scratch. And yes, the syntax of python is easy but the concept of programming deserves a very carefully curated course plan like ours. Another set of students who are working and need python to grow in their domain or change their career path can benefit from our vast corporate training experience and industry project driven training for python.

Python Course Highlights

  • 36 hours of instructor-led training
  • 8 hours of project work
  • 4 hours of assessments
  • 1 year of learning support
  • Certificate
  • Job assistance

100% money-back guarantee: Our Python training course in Bangalore comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Any student can cancel registration with-in the first week of course commencement and get a full refund of the tuition fee.
Additional Benefits: The need for certified Python professionals is increasing every year. There is a positive growth in the job opportunities for professionals trained in AWS.

Python Course Curriculum

We have the most detailed course curriculum for Python training with complete coverage of all important topics and live industry projects.
Eligibility: The Python training in Bangalore is ideal for both beginners and working professionals. Anyone who wants to learning programming can opt for this Python training in Bangalore.
Pre-requisites: There are no strict prerequisites for this Python training course. Simply a basic understanding of computing is recommended.

  • 1. Python Syntax
  • 2. Features of Python
  • 3. Variables
  • 4. Operators
  • 5. Basic input output statements
  • 6. Keywords

  • 1. Numbers: int, float, complex
  • 2. Strings
  • 3. List
  • 4. Tuple
  • 5. Dictionary
  • 6. Set

  • 1. Decision making with if conditions
  • 2. if-elif-else
  • 3. for loop
  • 4. while loop
  • 5. break and continue
  • 6. for else loop
  • 7. Comprehensions

  • 1. Introduction to functions
  • 2. Namespaces and scope
  • 3. return keyword
  • 4. Parameters and positional arguments
  • 5. lambda function
  • 6. map, filter and reduce

  • 1. Errors and exceptions
  • 2. Handling exceptions with: try, except, else and finally
  • 3. Causing exceptions: raise and assert
  • 4. Create your own exception
  • 5. Logging
  • 6. Logging levels and configuration

  • 1. Introduction to files
  • 2. File objects and modes
  • 3. Opening and closing files
  • 4. Read and write operations
  • 5. Context manager – with

  • 1. Directories and file path
  • 2. os module
  • 3. Making, changing and deleting directories
  • 4. Listing directory and navigating file systems

  • 1. Introduction to re module
  • 2. Special characters for pattern making
  • 3. re functions and flags
  • 4. String matching and pattern filtering
  • 5. Greedy and non-greedy match
  • 6. Simple character matches
  • 7. Special characters
  • 8. Data extraction

  • 1. Object oriented programming
  • 2. What are classes?
  • 3. Understanding __init__ and self
  • 4. Instance and class variables
  • 5. Inheritance
  • 6. Overriding rules
  • 7. Method overloading
  • 8. Operator Overloading

  • 1. Basics of SQL
  • 2. Connecting to a database
  • 3. Retrieving data
  • 4. Inserting, updating and deleting data
  • 5. Using Python libraries for database access – PyMySQL

  • 1. Introduction to NumPy
  • 2. Array data structure
  • 3. Array operations and indexing
  • 4. Pandas DataFrame operations
  • 5. Data cleaning and manipulation with Pandas

Python Course Projects

Project 1: Python Decorators

Learn how promocode offers change the bill price in a real-world application and implement it with Python Decorators.

Project 2: Logging configurations

Filter patterns in a log file with Python regular expression and configuere the application logs.

Project 3: Record book

Make an accounting application with Python and MySQL database. Perform common transactions and test the outcome.

Frequently asked questions for Python training course in Bangalore

Python is a simple and powerful programming language. It is used in data analytics, machine learning, web application development, automation etc.

Industry projects with key focus on concepts like object-oriented programming, multi-threading, regular expressions, logging, XML parsing etc. Some project titles include:

  • A Card Game Of High-Low
  • Logging Configuration & Report
  • YouTube Downloader
  • Mass Mailer
  • Chat Bot

The IT growth in Bangalore has led to a lot of searches for python training institute in Bangalore. We, at Programink Bangalore, offer both weekdays and weekend classes on python programming. Our python training classes are available in both classroom and online formats. We can teach python for beginners and working professionals alike.
Beginners and data science enthusiasts must benefit from our python training classes in Bangalore. Our python training course is also available with Django for full-stack development with placement guarantee. Python selenium training in Bangalore is also among our key training courses. Our python courses will act as solid foundation for:

  • Python data science training in Bangalore
  • Python django training in Bangalore
  • Python selenium training in Bangalore
  • Python real time project training in Bangalore

Yes. We want everyone to make an informed choice. Class recording and live classes both options are available before joining the Python training course.
Our Python courses come with help and advice for job placement, giving students the best chance to land fulfilling jobs in the field. With a focus on practical skills and hands-on projects, our course gives students the knowledge and skills that employers in the Python ecosystem are looking for. Working closely with students, our committed placement team helps them prepare for interviews, builds their resumes, and connects them with a network of elite companies.We actively support internship and job placement opportunities to launch students' careers in Python development through industry collaborations and partnerships. Our proven track record of fulfilling industry demands through successful placements demonstrates both our dedication to student success and the potency of our training program. Students who sign up for our Python course will be able to enter the best coding jobs in Bangalore.

Yes. There will be a certificate offered to all the students who successfully complete the Python training course. The passing marks is 60% and a maximum of 2 attempts are allowed.

Python3, Jupyter notebook, Tkinter, Paramiko, Sqlite3, MongoDB are just few popular mentions. There are numerous popular libraries of python also included. Python Course in Bangalore at Programink bestows you with the best learning experience of the Python Programming language from its fundamentals to the advanced level concepts. By the end of the Python Course in Bangalore at Programink, you will obtain a holistic understanding of the essential concepts of the Python programming language namely Lambada, Generators, Web Scrapping Libraries, File Handling & Exceptional Handling proficiently with hands-on training practices under the mentorship of Programming Experts.

programink offers the best Python Training in Bangalore due to its commitment for the best trainers, the best course curriculum and the best projects. Our instructors have worked in Python stack for several years at reputed MNCs. We are mindful of industry needs and we are offering Python Training in Bangalore in more reasonable way. Our group of Python coaches offers Python in classroom, online as well corporate premises. We outlined our schedule to coordinate with this present reality necessities for both fledgling to cutting edge level. Our preparation will be dealt with in one or the other work day or ends of the week program relies upon members prerequisite.

The learning time is always subject to a student's dedication and understanding. In general, a 4-5 hours per day will surely help you master Python programming in 3 months.

Python training fees in Bangalore varies from free to several thousands. We are offering this course at 9,000 in online and at 12,000 in classroom.

We offer Python Training in Bangalore that many students have termed as their best in training course in life. This is a dream comment for our trainers and us. Everyone offers lectures but we have a carefully curated learning path and a passionate team of trainers and mentors who will go the extra mile in completing the service. A demo class with us will help you connect better with us. Both online and classroom Python training is available and the flexi pass option to add part classroom and part online is also available. Connect with our counselors to find out more.

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Certified Python Trainer

Ram Kumar Poddar

Carrying an experience of over 10 years, I pride myself for experiential learning approach. A training path that consists of visual learning, hands-on learning, project work, periodic assessments and mentorship. Apart from the technical expertise and I am friendly and approachable.

My recent corporate clients

Please find a list of some top corporate clients I have trainer on this technology.

  • Deloitte
  • Walmart
  • Oracle
  • Cisco
  • Brillio
  • PayU
  • Capgemini
  • Cognizant
  • Innovaccer
  • Sony
  • Siemens
  • ANZ
  • WSP
  • Society General
  • Optum
  • Carrier
  • Harman
  • Ellucian
  • Bank of America
  • Pepsico
  • Konsberg
  • Infrrd
  • Tata Technologies
  • Collins Aerospace
  • Morgan Stanley

Python Course Ratings & Reviews


I really appreciate the effort taken by Programink team for a certificate and job oriented training. The course also covered mock tests and a detailed exam guide. The trainers were very supportive and conducted a revision session before the certification exam.


Well structured course. The course gives a great understanding about how we will be working in real time. This was the best course for a beginner like me.


Career oriented training by very skilled and professional trainers. I could reach them again and again for my doubts. The study materials given were also the best.


The best thing about Programink is the clear road map for certification and placement. The faculties are very experienced and the extra effort they take to assess every student is quite commendable.


The course is very useful to me. Programink has delivered all the promises they made to me as a beginner, during the admission. Ram sir is the best trainer I have learnt from. You can also use this opportunity to learn.

₹ 15,000

₹ 12,000

  • Duration 8 Weeks
  • Lessons 40
  • Projects 5
  • Assessments 2
  • Language English
  • Instructor Ram
  • Certificate Yes
  • Placement Assistance Yes
  • Book seat in Upcoming Batch

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