What is Python Programming

Programming is an act of giving instructions to computer for processing and publishing information. Their are multiple languages to do this task. But an easy and powerful langauage is what the world is looking forward to.
        Python programming language is just the right choice, with a very easy English like syntax and computing abilities in multiple different fields like testing automation, network scripting, devops, data analytics and machine learning, web-framework etc.
        Python language was created in 1989 by Guido van Rossum. Python3 was realased on 3rd December, 2008. Since the beginning python programming language has featured object-oriented, interactive and interpreted coding style. The emphasis was always on clean and readable code with sacrificing performance. Python is also a portable and open-source language with a very supportive and active community base. This is the reason why builing a software in python is fun for everyone including beginners.
        Dropbox, BitTorrent, Quora, Instagram, Cinema 4D are some of the popular applications in python. We encourage you to do a wikipedia search for list of python softwares. In recent past the interest in python has significantly increased globally and the trend is spreading.

Python Programming

Key features of Python programming

  1. Simple and Readable
  2. Open Source & Community Support
  3. Object oriented
  4. Interactive
  5. Interpreted
  6. Implicitly Defined
  7. Dynamically Typed
  8. Case-sensitive

Applications of Python Programming

  1. Web Applications
  2. Desktop Applications
  3. Mobile Application
  4. Scientific and Numeric
  5. Audio, Video & Graphical Applications
  6. Data Analysis and Machine Learning
  7. Geographic Information System